As part of our ongoing commitment to environmental protection and the adoption of sustainable practices, Golf d’Hardelot, a member of the Resonance Golf Collection, is proud to introduce a remarkable innovation in our practice offering: the Eco Range Replay balls. This step forward in our ecological approach reflects our desire to reconcile our passion for golf with respect for nature.

A New Breath for Golf Balls

The Eco Range Replay balls are much more than just practice balls. They are the result of a recycling process designed to give a second life to old golf balls. These new balls, with a compression of 90, are made from recovered materials, treated and transformed to regain their former glory. The choice of these balls for our practices is not insignificant; it is part of a logic of reducing our environmental impact and optimizing the use of resources.

Consistency and Quality of Training

One of the major challenges of recycling in sports is to ensure that recycled equipment offers the same quality and performance as their new counterparts. This is a challenge that the Eco Range Replay balls have brilliantly overcome. Available at both of our practice facilities, they ensure that all golfers have the same training conditions, thus promoting a fair and high-quality gaming experience.

An Eco-Friendly Approach

The introduction of the Eco Range Replay recycled balls is part of a broader initiative by Golf d’Hardelot and Resonance Golf Collection to promote sustainable golf. This effort is accompanied by other eco-friendly initiatives such as water management, preservation of natural habitats on the course, and the adoption of green maintenance practices. Together, these actions demonstrate our commitment not only to excellence in sports but also to the preservation of our planet.